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Skiing area Auvergne


The Auvergne is in the South of Middle-France, in the middle of the impressing Central massif. A agreeable climate, a breathtaking kingdom of nature, certain snow conditions and countless sun hours making this region to a perfect holiday resort. On nearly 150 ski run kilometres snowboarders, carvers, tobaggonists, wanderer, persons making tours, fans of the Telemark, and so on get there of their money worth.
The Auvergne offers three excellent skiing areas:

Besse/Super Besse

Le Mont-Dore


A special quality of this region represent certainly the spacious cross country net. Twelve areas in this region are specialised in the trend sport cross country skiing. 100 kilometres excellent prepared cross country routes with best tracks through marvellous nature are making the sportive activity to a adventure of a particular kind. After a sportive active day one can get recovery and relaxation in one of the thermal spas, the mineral tunnel, and the climatic health resorts in this region.

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